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We are makers with loads of imagination. We have 3 unique departments to bring you super cool products and help you make your own products. Our departments are Cookie Lab, 3D Lab and Edu Lab.

From cookie cutters, stamps, stencils, and sandwich cutters to kids learning tools, rapid 3D printed prototypes, cosplay gear, gaming figurines and almost anything you can imagine, we’re sure to have a product or service that will interest you.

Our vision is help you uncage your creativity and bring your dream product to life. We can help you launch your product from design to manufacture to marketing.

Contact us directly to discuss completely custom ideas.


We are a small-scale, short-run manufacturing startup based in Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal, specialising in custom making items through a variety of manufacturing techniques, including machining, 3D printing, resin printing, CNC routing and vinyl cutting.

We have a qualified team consisting of an electrical engineer come master craftsman, sales & marketing manager, production manager and a few highly experienced product designers. Our team of in-house designers are capable of custom designing anything from useful items around the home to beautifully sculpted 3D models.

With our high-tech 3D scanner, we have the ability to scan, manipulate and duplicate select objects from as small as a teacup to a full-size human.



We manufacture a variety of cookie cutters on request, such as super heroes, princesses, emojis, unicorns, mermaids and so on. Standard sizes range from 6-9 cm; however, we are able to manufacture cutters larger than a dinner plate!

All our cutters are dishwasher safe and can be used with cookie dough, play dough and fondant.

Our Cutters:

  • Are dishwasher safe.
  • Are made from food-safe plastic.
  • Have sharp cutting edges.
  • Have easy grip edges.
  • Are locally made & proudly South African.
  • Are individually designed, tried & tested.


Our educational blocks range from cylinders and spheres to octagonal and rectangular prisms and are manufactured in a variety of colours.

Teachers can use these handy visual aids to help their class better understand 3D shapes and viewing angles, as well as how to calculate volume and area.

You can purchase small blocks for each student or larger blocks that can be seen from the back of the classroom. Whatever you choose to do, these educational blocks certainly make learning way more fun!

If you are a teacher or are in the educational field and would like to purchase these, then please get in touch with our team.


Want your idea to come to life, but don’t know where to start? Why not make use of our custom design & manufacturing service?

We use a variety of manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, casting and machining.

All we need from you is a picture, a description and dimensions – we’ve come across some weird and wonderful ideas, so trust us…we won’t judge.


Tired of your kids coming home with uneaten sarmies? Have fussy eaters? Make lunches more interesting with our super cool sarmie cutters. Our ranges include all of your kid’s favourite characters.

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